Friday, October 17, 2014

Burke: Don't Call It A #WIComeback

Ha! Gotta love a candidate who can make a LL Cool J reference on Twitter with her opponent's words ahead of a big debate...


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wrong Way Walker: Minimum Wage Serves No Purpose

Thank you Scott Walker.

It's a tough task activating younger, poorer folks who tend to make up the majority of people working for minimum wage.

They are super busy, working a couple of crappy jobs. They have kids to schlep and meals to get made. They don't have time to surf in internet to discover how you have fucked up the state's economy. They don't know every nuance of the WEDC debacle or the latest John Doe email discovery. They don't get the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to keep up with Politifact debates.

However, since you just yesterday, uttered these words on the minimum wage:
"I'm not going to repeal it," Walker said. "But I don't think it serves a purpose because we're debating then about what the lowest levels are at."
You got a whole bunch of people - who know without a doubt, the guy they work for would totally pay them LESS if he could - to just start paying attention to the race, motivating them to vote in a way Rock-the-Vote never could.

So again, thank you Scott Walker.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Scott Walker Blues

Gwen Moore isn't the only one with the "Scott Walker blues," lil' Scooter has got himself a case of it this week and the prognosis is dicey.

Walker took the reinstatement of gay marriage in Wisconsin pretty well, he played it off like it was no big deal. He took heat for his preposterous abortion ad which equally angered pro-choice and anti-choice advocates alike.

NARAL came out with a withering response this morning - calling him a total liar.


Oh, and then came SCOTUS. Elena Kagen killed Walker's slim hope to slice off a few thousand votes with a photo ID law instituted after absentee voting had already begun.

Republicans are apoplectic. Not because they think voter fraud will rule the day - if it did, how in the hell did they all get their stupid asses elected? I mean they run the entire fucking state and STILL ramble on about voter fraud.

No, they are apoplectic because this means, young people, poor people and minorities will have an easier time voting...for someone else.

There is also a debate tonight. Let's hope Mary Burke kicks Walker right in the nuts - figuratively, of course. He's had a shit week, let's go for the weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello Doe: Shady Schimel Bringing Slimey Back

Brad Schimel picked a fight with Susan Happ over an old case in which a scumbag (who previously bought property from Happ's husband) got a pretty good deal through her office, and then made a campaign contribution to her run for Attorney General.

Happ pointed out in a county as small as Jefferson - a lot of people cross paths, but returned the money anyway.

Good for her - because, that's totally different than...say, WI supreme court justices hearing cases against people who literally donated millions of dollars to their election campaigns.

But the Siren digresses...

Well, it was just a matter of time before people started looking into Schimel's record and what they found was not flattering at all.

One Wisconsin Now looked up Schimel's campaign finance reports and discovered he used campaign contributions to cover babysitting costs for his kids. Turns out - that's illegal. C'mon, how was a guy running for state attorney general supposed to know that? Sheesh!

Then, in response to the reinstatement of marriage equality, Schimel said it is the AG's job to uphold the law - so much so that he would have totally enforced the ban on interracial marriage back in the day.


The law is the law, right? Except the attorney general actually does get to decide what they will or will not do. JB VanHollen, for example, just this week said he will not defend state officials in a new John Doe related lawsuit brought by the Club for Growth that says it has a constitutional right to coordinate with candidates - even though the law says they don't.

The law is the law...wait. What?

Schimel has gone positively vaporous that Democrats are skewering him for the remark. Perhaps he just got caught saying what he really thought.

Speaking of John Doe... It seems that Darlene Wink's lawyer, (Remember her? She was Scott Walker's former aid, the one who sang like a bird to stay out of jail?) helped her destroy evidence on her computer and got totally busted for doing it.

By busted, we mean he was scolded and then ignored because Schimel, who was the district attorney at the the time, declined to file charges against him. A month later the lawyer made a nice contribution to Schimel's campaign...which probably went to pay the babysitter.

Now they all go in on table together at the Waukesha Lincoln Day Dinner because the law is the law...unless you are a Republican.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your Panicked Governor: Scott Walker Is Now Pro-Choice

Scott Walker has a woman problem. The problem is, they don't like him very much - not nearly as much a white men "of a certain age."

While the Burke campaign has wisely focused on jobs and the economy, touting her business background and not her chromosomes, there can be no doubt the momentum to elect the first woman Governor in Wisconsin is appealing to a LOT of women.

The Walker campaign has released two "women themed" ads this week trying to lure the girls back to kinder, gentler Scott Walker.

First is one with Racine county resident, Teri Jendusa-Nicolai, whose ex-husband famously left her for dead in a storage locker after savagely beating her in January of 2004. In the 30 second ad, Jendusa-Nicolai says "I trust him."

That's fine, Jendusa-Nicolai has used her experience to advocate for tougher domestic violence laws.

The laws she has advocated, however, got their start under Jim Doyle. She even stood with Doyle to announce custody legislation way back in 2004. Is there any question a Democratic Governor would not have supported similar laws? Not really.

What Jendusa-Nicolai doesn't mention is how some of the things Scott Walker actually does believe puts the health and lives of women at risk.

  • Like no exceptions for abortion for victims of rape and incest - even for young girls.
  • Like defunding health clinics like Planned Parenthood - 5 have closed who provided affordable and necessary screenings for thousands of Wisconsin women.
  • Like mandating that any woman who requires an abortion to have an ultrasound test -which in many cases would be a transvaginal ultrasound - against her wishes by a doctor who will go to jail if he/she doesn't perform it. Oh, and she has to pay for it too.
  • Like the Castle Doctrine, which a whole bunch of domestic violence activists Teri Jendusa-Nicolai probably know think will provide an iron-clad "get-out-of-jail-free" card for people who shoot their spouses and say they "thought" it was an intruder. 
  • Like kicking thousands of women of Badgercare which not only provides medical care, but also counseling for women who happen to be victims of domestic abuse.

Then, there's the new "Decision" ad the Walker campaign put out as well. Scott Walker actually wants Wisconsin women to believe he believes abortion is a choice. It's a stunning half-minute of pure political evilness, if there ever was one.

The Siren isn't going to link to it - because - fuck you. But in the ad he claims reasonable people can disagree about abortion, his priority is the safety of ALL Wisconsin citizens. Including, BTW, the unborn fetus that resulted when Uncle Joe raped your twelve year old daughter - because that is what Scott Walker believes.

It's bad enough Scott Walker is pandering to moderate women, what's worse is he doesn't even have the courage to get behind what he really believes. Get on the fucking TV and say 'NO EXCEPTIONS!" and see how that works out for you, buddy.

Scott Walker's views are so out of step and so extreme he can't even say them in a 30 second ad and HE KNOWS it. Amazing, isn't it?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Scott Walker: Political Philanderer

Once upon a time, Scott Walker ran against Gwen Moore and got his ass handed to him. So he moved west where the geography was a little more homogenized - sporting an open assembly seat.

Walker's climb up the political ladder had begun.

Every elected position Scott Walker has held was a stepping stone to next. The man knows how to parlay. From the open assembly seat, to a special election for Milwaukee County Executive, he miscalculated in 2008 against Jim Doyle - dropping out after 14 months of campaigning. When Doyle left, he took his shot and won.

The man has been paid by the people of Wisconsin to run for his next job for his entire career.

So why is there any question at all that he wouldn't use the NEXT two years as Governor to run for the President of the United States?

Of course he will! Setting himself up for the next gig is all this guy has ever done.

Walker is the Donald Draper of Wisconsin politics - playing everybody along the way. Shit, people have gone to jail for him.

(Once they found out he was really Dick Whitman, the cops were cuffing them.)

However, it seems that Wisconsinites are not so thrilled anymore with footing the bill for Scott Walker's political philandering. The Marquette poll showed a big majority of people don't think Walker should run for President.

That's problem for a guy who just will not focus on the job he's supposed to be doing. Not to mention, that even the most ardent Walker fan thinks Rebecca Kleefisch could be Governor - not even remotely.

Scott Walker thinks he can see the White House from his front porch - Democrats would be wise to mention that at least once a day.

Friday, October 3, 2014

With 30 Days Left, THIS Is What Matters

Marquette came out with a new poll this week, showing the race for Governor at a dead heat - with Walker edging Burke among likely voters. Everyone knows, the Marquette poll leans a bit right, but Democrats shouldn't play it off. In fact they should do the opposite - take it as fact.

Why? because if anything the Marquette poll did show, was that nearly all of the people who are going to vote have already decided who they are supporting and NOTHING you can tell them about their candidate will change their mind.

This election will be won (or lost) on the ground. Even the GOP Field Organizer, Thomas Dallman, in Racine knows it.

(Apparently, what he doesn't know is to not have a campaign meltdown on a public Facebook page.)

All the perfectly clever and totally smart shit we bloggers write about Scott Walker is absolutely true - but we're preaching to the choir.

Did he fail on his jobs promise? YES. Is he taking us into another deficit? YES. Did he mismanage WEDC? Hell YES!

But it doesn't matter.

What matters is getting people to vote. Knocking doors, making calls and driving people to the polls. Every motherfucking vote is going to count in this election and all Democrats need to do is what they do best - mobilize voters.

Read Dallman's own words if you doubt how our opponents see us.

You don't need anyone to tell you how much Scott Walker sucks. If sucking made a difference we wouldn't have had eight years of George Bush.

Go to your Democratic office, or just get in your car and drive to a neighborhood and start knocking doors yourself. Tell people to vote, tell them where and what they need.

If you are sitting at a keyboard, in your socks and pajama pants, judging how well or poorly Democrats are faring in this game of thrones - YOU are part of the problem. Get out and get tough - don't come back until you've knocked 100 doors.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Americans For Prosperity Send Out Pro-Walker Flier On Non-Existent Mining Jobs Paid For By Club For Growth Donation From Mining Company

A longer post title than normal. The alternative was "Gah! Fuckers!" but we could seriously use that one almost any day.

So, Americans for Prosperity sent out a "where would we be without Scott Walker" mailing this week.

We expect nothing less fawning and gross, but the subject matter was odd: mining jobs.

Didn't we just read TODAY that Gogebic was delaying it's application because iron ore prices are in the shitter?

As it turned out, we did.

Quoting the flier: "Under the administration of Governor Scott Walker, Northern Wisconsin's mining economy is moving forward and more people are getting good, high-paying jobs!"

Yeah, except they aren't, unless "forward" now literally means "delay." What a hilariously stupid piece of shit that is. It should be illegal, but it seems you can actually say anything in campaign literature these days.

What is extra awesome is the mailing was produced by Americans for Prosperity, the little Koch brothers franchise that gets its money from the Club for Growth - the group Scott Walker raises money for (which is not to be confused with his campaign) - because donors can be secret and there are no cash limits. Club for Growth got a $700,000 donation from Gogebic mining company a few days after Scott Walker signed the controversial mining bill.

And THIS is why Scott Walker's political campaign is the subject of a John Doe investigation.

If there was any real justice in the world, one day these guys would all share the same jail cell. Gah! Fuckers!