Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Epic Fail of the Voter Fraud Alarmists

Lou D'Abbracio Scares White People.
Just before Halloween, the legendary Nation Magazine picked up on a story playing out in Wisconsin. After the website 'One Wisconsin Now' intercepted emails between Americans for Prosperity, the Wisconsin Republican Party and various tea party groups about the state showing a direct effort to suppress votes and engage in voter caging. 

The Nation reported on Election Day polling place trainings organized by the Racine Tea Party and our own hometown butterball, Lou D'Abbracio. Claiming rampant voter fraud, Lefty trolling vans and coupons to entice inner-city (black) voters is nothing new.

So what was the outcome of all that coordinated voter fraud? Nuthin'.

Teabaggers showed up at polling places waiting for the voter fraud zombies to show up and cast illegal votes. They gave steely glares at poll observers and glowered at the little ladies who have worked at the polling places since the beginning of time. Clearly their aura of patriotism kept the zombies at bay, 'cause they didn't show up. Voter turnout was high, no incidents or irregularities were reported.

Or maybe Lou D'Abbracio is just a big dummy who gets his kicks scaring white people and tells them lies in order to seem important. You decide.