Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around The County...

Okay, that picture is in bad taste...

News from Ives Grove as the Illuminati convenes:

County Supervisors say Sheriff Schmaling must follow the law. (If you repeat that sentence several times it gets dumber each time you say it.)

Now, is there an argument about this? Yes! The Sheriff should follow the law or No! the Sheriff is not bound by the law. Anyway, the County Supervisors may not realize for their out on a limb stand, they have no legal authority over the Sheriff. (Here's a tip to Supervisors talking to the press - speak in complete and grammatically correct sentences. 'Cause they're going to write your shit down exactly like you say it - Donnie Snow, you know who you are.)

Next up. Ken Lumpkin wants to ban saggy pants in Racine County buildings. I agree this is one of the dumbest fashion phenomenon's around and I don't care about how it got started or what the socio-economic indicators are for the height of your pants. It get's down to this: Friend, your ass is showing. At the same time, we don't need laws to keep people from dressing stupid. That's a very slippery slope that would land many of us in jail if taken even one step further...and you know who you are!

(I do have an idea for Lumpkin I'll pass along free of charge...The Insider News could host a photo intervention of the worst baggy pants offenders around town and print them in a monthly Hall of Shame.)

Last. The one that got the least amount of attention (naturally) which may be the most reasonable is Monty Ostermann's proposal for an enhanced cyber-bullying policies. It's nice to think that all this remarkable technology would only be used for great things, but it's not. Just look at Real Debate Wisconsin.

Kidding, I'm kidding!