Monday, January 31, 2011

Bob Wortock Writes An Op Ed That Makes Sense And Doesn't Bring Up Jesus!

Bob Wortock loves Christmas. You know that if you've followed the nativity on Monument Square saga over the years. Bob earnestly believed there should be a nativity on the square at Christmas time, the city didn't think a guy from Wind Point should be telling them what to do. But mostly they weren't going to spend time or money doing it. So, Bob got his own support from donations and churches and they built themselves a very handsome nativity scene. Good for him.

From time to time good ol' Bob writes a letter to the editor of the Journal Times mostly of a religious nature, sometimes not. No matter what he writes it's always got a "Get off my lawn!" after-taste. Oh well.

Today, the Journal Times gave Bob some ample real estate on the opinion page for an entire commentary. The title is: "When will we see our government for what it really is?" I must admit when I saw it, I thought, "Oh man it is too early in the week for this shit". But I read it anyway looking for some gems to harvest.

Well, I have to say I agreed with much of what Bobo had to say ...
  • Earmarks are total crap and you shouldn't be able to sneak them in either.
  • I too am pissed about the government listening in on our phones calls. I don't care if you call it homeland security or a ham sandwich. It is wrong and the Patriot Act should not be renewed.
  • We do need to stop borrowing money. But unless you are willing to talk about the defense budget don't even start with me.
  • I too have a problem with our aggressive foreign policy. We need to get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan immediately.
  • Our government is for sale and politicians are bought and sold. With the Citizens United decision, look for it to get worse.
So there! Now get off my lawn!