Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Crazy Train Indeed

There are many reasons we follow politics, but for the Siren it boils down to one: the cast of characters. National or Local the political scene is populated with folks even Charles Dickens couldn't have imagined. It's not just the politicians mind you, the peanut gallery is just as colorful.

But in the pageant of local politics, nothing is so over the top than the race for Racine Mayor. The drama, the accusations...if everyone were gay, it would be the loudest PRIDE parade ever. (Of course with the most unattractive drag queens imaginable, but you get the idea.)

So as the season winds up and the crazy begins to blow an unlikely character stepped into the fray. Alderman, David Maack takes "freshman Alderman" and candidate for Mayor, Eric Marcus to the woodshed for his most recent press release on his blog (no, I didn't know he had one either). Perhaps it is the relief of not running that has allowed him to say exactly what is on his mind, and he ain't holding back!
"For a candidate who touts his honesty and says that we can trust him, he sure runs fast and loose with the facts and will say anything to anyone in order to get elected.  Wait until you hear his plan for outsourcing the City’s legal department while bringing cemetery maintenance back in house-even though contracting out is cheaper."
Damn, Maack. Tell it. Everyone out there has an opinion, but few are real glimpses from behind the scenes. Interesting.