Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's A Tempest In A Little Ken Brown Teapot!

Every spring election season uber supporters of each candidate scour their opponent's yard signs, websites and mailers for any infraction of election law to prove the opponent is incompetent and said infraction being the proof. Everyone does it.

This morning the JT reported on the activities of "Citizens For A Responsible Government" who lodged a complaint with the District Attorney because John Dickert's website did not include a "paid for" citation. Now this is an actual rule and the Dickert campaign was compelled to fix it. (Note: Beth Pramme should have known better. She is no newbie and if she worked for the Siren hell would be dearly paid.)

So who is the "Citizens For A Responsible Government"? Well, it's Mr. Eye Openerz, Ken Brown aka Downtown Brown. Ken Brown is also "LiberTEA Racine". He is George Meyer's pal in the "Racine Taxpayers Association" and one of the coordinator's of the "Tea Party of Racine". This guy has more front organizations than Shell Oil.

Ken Brown has been playing Gilligan to Eric Marcus's Skipper for quite a while, and as his surrogate he is just doing what many others have done before by making a complaint about Dickert's website.

It is worth mentioning however, (to people that don't find all this endlessly fascinating like the Siren does) that all these activities are orchestrated by basically one guy: Ken Brown.

Brown is a likable enough guy. Consistent in his quasi-Libertarian-teabaggery views. (One embarrassed Dem having seen him about town with Denis Navratil, thought they were a couple - the Siren thinks this was due to the fashion forward eyeglasses Brown sports.) He has made the rounds of nearly ALL the candidates for spring election this year. Flirty boy!

So who is his main squeeze? The Siren believes it's Marcus. Player's gotta play.