Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Sayin'

NOT the image sent out by the DPRC
Back in December, WisDems came out with a bumper sticker meant to focus on Scott Walker's dismissal of high speed rail. Sure folks were mad about losing jobs and $800 million in federal funds. The bumper sticker they put out looked a lot like the one above, except the train was crashing into Walker's head and gave the impression that his head was being blown off. Republican's were offended. Hell! Democrats were offended. It was tacky, it was violent and it never should have seen the light of day.

State Chair, Mike Tate pulled it down right away and it was chalked up to an unfortunate and embarrassing mistake. Not everyone agreed that it crossed the line...but the DPW rightly put the kibosh on it and it was gone.

Or so we thought.

Then on January 8th the monthly newsletter for the Democratic Party of Racine County (DPRC) went out in email form to its members and there was the bumper sticker on page two. Of course just a few hours later everyone would learn of the assassination attempt of Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords who was critically wounded by a gun shot at point blank range to her head. Ugh.

Of course it was not intentional, but the timing really could not have been worse. The controversy had been going on for days before and should never had been included by any official of a local party...but it was. Damage done.

That was the end of this story...until today. One of our lovely sprites got an email from the DPRC with various attachments for DPRC business and one of the attachments was the January newsletter - again. What do you suppose was on page two?

Nearly two weeks after Gabby Giffords, a politician, was shot in the head - an image of Scott Walker, a politician, with his head being blown off by a train goes out to all the DPRC members again. WTF?!

For those of us who like the Siren believe that violent rhetoric is not always a metaphor to some people in our society. Political language or images of violence are irresponsible. We could forgive one such mistake, but to do it again is incompetent recklessness at its worst.

It makes progressives look like assholes. My poor sprite may never be the same.

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What on earth could they have been thinking?