Sunday, January 9, 2011

Local Teabaggers Aren't Violent, They Just Say Violent Things

Democracy in Action form the Patriot Voices of SEWI
So, they're shooting Democrats now. It was only a matter of time. The pitchfork and torch crowd would only be happy with vandalizing campaign offices and flying planes into government buildings for a while. It seems so quaint when they would simply spit on Congressman John Lewis.

Because of the recent tragedy in Arizona it has almost been forgotten that packages were sent to Janet Napolitano's office on Friday that ignited at the post office.

News circulated quickly through the tea party crowd in Racine. And what was their reply? Ed Geiser put it simply" "BURN BABY BURN!".

See the teabaggers aren't violent and they don't endorse violence, and if you think otherwise you're just trampling all over their God-given 1st Amendment rights with your Socialist Obama jackboots. 

What a bunch of assholes.