Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OMG! Help Save The Republic!

The Siren loooves her some Pamela. Pamela is the "information coordinator" for the 912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin and the Patriot Voices of SE Wisconsin. Pamela is very conscientious about her work. She can send out five or six emails a day easy.

Since her volume level is so high, sometimes she just forwards any old thing she gets...hoaxes, funny cartoons and reprints from other teabag sources.

Yesterday, Pamela forwarded one of the Siren's favorite types: one that has a panicked headline with urgent action required and ending with an appeal for for donations. THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT COMING TO AN END AND YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR SENATOR NOW! AND PLEASE SEND US 10 DOLLARS!

So the this one was interesting because was sent by the National Right to Work Committee and it claimed quite simply:
"Tomorrow morning, the Senate will vote on Senate Resolution 10, which would gut one of our nation's most vital checks against out-of-control government."
Holy cow, that sounds bad! So I read it over and over and could not find any specifics about Senate Resolution 10 other than:
"...the union bosses and their allies in the Senate are trying to cheat and change the rules."
So naturally, I looked up Senate Resolution 10 to find that it is in reality the Tom Udall bill with 24 co-sponsors that seeks to end secret holds (like on one Tom Coburn put on the First Responder bill) and makes the filibuster an actual one blah, blah blah. Read about here.

Of course the NRTW Committee didn't include any of this information or even links to it. Why? Because they don't really want you or Pamela to read it, buy rather run around with you hair on fire and maybe send 'em a few bucks. 

Here are the bullet points on the Resolution and oddly, I don't feel so afraid anymore...
  1. Eliminate the Filibuster on Motions to Proceed
  2. Eliminates Secret Holds
  3. Guarantee Consideration of Amendments for both Majority and Minority
  4. Ensure Real Debate (not merely a dismissive gesture to oppose a motion or bill)
  5. Expedite Nominations by reducing Post-Cloture Time to two hours
The Siren advises you to save your $10 for something else.