Friday, January 21, 2011

Only Nazis are Nazis

2009 Summer of Love
Just this week, U.S. Congressman, Democrat Steve Cohen likened lies told by Republicans about Obamacare similar to the practices of big-time Nazi, Joseph Goebbels:
"if you repeat a lie over and over again it doesn't make it the truth and that's what Goebbels did"
Huh? Like me you may have asked yourself "isn't Cohen a Jewish name?" Not a faction given to casual Nazi references, but then I saw that he represents Georgia...

Back during that summer of love in August of 2009 defined by health care town halls, the land was rife with Nazi fetishism. The teabaggers were rocking it WWII style. Obama was literally synonymous with Hitler, health care supporters were real live brown-shirts and Obamacare was the "final solution" shoved down the actual throats of Grandma and Grandpa. Good times!

The Hitler-Nazi-Holocaust rhetoric has sadly become part of political language, so much so that no one really makes a big deal about it anymore...until a Jewish Democrat used it. Glenn Beck and Shawn Hannity were besides themselves. Why? Well that's their territory.

Our local teabaggers have not been immune to the Hitler-Nazi-Holocaust rhetoric either. They love them some Nazi smack:

Lou D'Abbraccio on Real Debate Wisconsin referring to a schoolbook passage about Barack Obama:

"Even Hitler didn’t do this before he grabbed power."

912 Patriot, Linda Owens referring to U.S. immigration of Muslims:

"Allowing them in is no different than allowing a communist into office, or a Nazi or any other person that subscribes to a political philosophy different than ours..."

They like their Fascist trash talk too...

Common Council Candidate, Casey Rouse on Facebook:

"This...brings us more reasons to impeach him & investigate all involved in this fascist regime."

Real Debate Wisconsin Author, Fred Dooley:

"One Wisconsin Now (a really fascist sounding name, isn’t it?)..."

912 Patriot, Deanna LaForge added this gem referring to Barack Obama:

"...the Marxist now posing as a Fascist, the legislation he desires, it will not matter whether he occupies the Red House until 2012. He will have been castrated."

The Siren would like to make an easy rule even for Democrats to follow:

Only Nazis are like Nazis. The Holocaust is the only Holocaust. Nothing else is even like the Holocaust. Only actual Fascists act like Fascists. When we call the President or whole groups of people Nazis or Hitler, not only are we inaccurately describing their thoughts and actions, but we are non-verbally signaling a mode of response to them which is basically: hunt them down and kill them.

Whether you are Steven Cohen or Glenn Beck...knock it off.