Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pee Wee's Tax Break is Everything We Thought It Would Be!

Scott Walker
Okay you Wisconsin Business Owners! It's time to start hiring! Yippee! Pee Wee's Tax Cut Salvation for 98% of Small Businesses is here!

Under P.W.'s plan, if you are a qualified business, half of you will get just a little more than $1.00! Wow! A whole bunch of you bigger earners will get a $37.00 tax break! And businesses who are really profitable will get on average $3,205! That exciting figure represents a whopping 1% of Wisconsin businesses. Let the good times roll!

If times have been especially tough and you didn't earn a profit? You get nothing! Yep, losers are not wanted in Wisconsin.

Politifact Wisconsin gives all the underwhelming details, but they bury the lead...This extravaganza of business friendly policy which will result in tens of Starbucks purchases will cost Wisconsin $80 fucking billion over two years. Let the hiring begin.