Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU: The Good, the Bad and the Lady Who Looked at the Wrong Camera

Many, many posts dedicated to the SOTU last night. The one surprise the Siren did not bet on was how much I liked the study-hall type seating. I admit I thought it was perhaps a well intentioned gimmick, but a gimmick none the less. But after it was said and done, I liked it. It didn't seem like a death-match but more of pep rally for the people.

Oh, I know it's just an sue me.

A few other thoughts...
Heavens! That John Boehner sure is tan. I mean it's January.
I like that he cries.
I love the sound of Barack Obama's voice. It has a great tenor.
What were the ribbons for?
Why do Democratic women wear red? Shouldn't they wear blue?
I think Paul Ryan has allergies.
And they put either too much make-up on him or the wrong color. He looked a bit like a cadaver.
Ohh Michele Bachmann, if you were my neighbor, I might find you adorable, but sweetheart you're nuts!
Whoever let her look at the camera CNN was NOT broadcasting from should be demoted. She appeared as if she was talking my cat sitting on the chair and not to me. Very unfortunate.

Lastly, regarding CNN. Why they decided to hype Bachmann is beyond me and only made my prediction come true. She drank his milkshake. Worse, it seemed to prove that the Tea Party is the tail that wags the dog and that's not good. Republicans dominate in message discipline and this schism of rebuttals made them appear at odds with themselves for control. Paul must be pissed!