Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea Bag Me Baby...

The Siren has decided that the Tea Party is a little like Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is no one can talk about Fight Club.

Michele Bachmann goes on after the SOTU "representing" the Tea Party Express and some teabagger in Texas get's really mad and goes on TV to say that no one represents the Tea Party. Folks around here get aggravated when even the Siren posts online ramblings from one Tea Party group that seem a little off message from the smaller government and less taxes meme that so many insist is the purpose of these groups. The Siren understands, but it is also what makes people so confused.

For example, take Tea Party Nation. They are a legitimate Tea Party group with lots of members. They also have a Wisconsin group, which Tim Dake from Wisconsin Grandson's of Liberty post's from time to time. So it is fair to say, this is a mainstream, connected Tea Party entity.

If their name is familiar it may be due to some controversy regarding remarks made by founder, Judson Phillips recently. Last November he suggested that voting rights should be restricted to property owners and that alleged Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner was a "leftist lunatic". Having received their abundant emails, the Siren can vouch for this. I can also say they depart from the smaller government/less taxes theme in their official communications nearly everyday.

The Tea Party Nation is one of the Siren's favorite groups because they have really sensational email subject titles and they can vamp an article like a $50 hooker. They only give you just a little look before you have to click on a link that takes you to their website. Brilliant.

Here is a taste of their headlines from the last couple of weeks:

"Horror in the House: Threats if Obamacare repealed"
"Dr. Emanuel's choice. The new "Nazi" health plan"
"Could the party of treason turn any further to the left?"
"Beware the Chameleon"
"Would you really trust this regime with your freedom of speech?"
"Calling out race exploiters"
"World leaders to address Junk Food Ban at UN"
"The horrid Ms Browner"
"The bipartisan bovine scatology of the State of the Union"
"Voter Fraud: The left's nuclear weapon for the next election."
"The Democrats grasp to hold on to power"
"Can we indict the Obama regime now?"
"Liberals lie again!"
"Killing us softly"
"The dark side of the force has a meeting"

See! It REALLY is about a smaller government and less debt. But because it is Teabag Fight Club, they just can't talk about it.