Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts from Lady Madonna

The Siren has a friend we call "Lady Madonna" a most suitable moniker. Don't get me wrong, this broad is no saint, she's cut more from the Beatles cloth of Lady M. A lady who does for others so much you wonder how she finds the time to take care of herself.

Lady M. was most distressed by the Alpaca farmers' rant. Not as an policy discussion, but from an anger standpoint. You see, Lady M is a delicate broad who truly yearns for a more civil and reasonable world. If she had her way, differences would be fairly discussed using reason and intellect. Ugliness, hatred and rage really rattle my dear friend and if you point your ugly finger in her face, she will  fuck you up. Not with her fists or volume level, but with facts. And mid toe-to-toe debate she believes you may still change your small little mind.

Someone like the Alpaca farmer with his Nazis and stabbing and burning in hell make dear Lady M physically and spiritually ill. It is why we love her so.

So don't bring her down boys, the world is better because some people still want it to be sane and beautiful. Plus, the Siren ain't nearly so delicate.