Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Is Wrong With Janesville?

Joe Knilans
Good Lord! When it seemed nothing could be worse than embarrassment festival clown, Mike Sheridan. (The Rep who dated a lobbyist for the Payday cash loan lobby while he was supposed to be working with his party to regulate the cash loan industry. More embarrassing was the failure of his colleagues to throw his ass out as Assembly Speaker.)

Pickins' must have been slim 'cause the people of the 44th District elected Tea Party Republican, Joe Knilans...even though he didn't live in the district.

Much ado was made about his residency. He couldn't sell his house, he was living in his brother's basement. The basement was ruled uninhabitable...you get the picture. He won anyway.

The DPW have filed charges with the State Election Board. All this seems quite proc├ędure normale d'exploitation to the Siren. However an email this morning from the DPW revealed a fact about this fiasco the Siren did not know:

On election day in November, Joe Knilans did not vote for himself, he voted in the 45th District! Yes, a guy running for the Assembly in the 44th District charged with false residency voted in his old (real) district on the election day that he ultimately won.

Someone should check the water out there.