Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Big Lie That Scott Walker Won't Admit

When Scott Walker and state GOP members say the just want state workers to "pay their fair share" they are knowingly lying to the public about the contributions workers make to their own pensions and health care.

Pay your fair share. So reasonable, why should taxpayers pay more in to teachers pensions than they themselves do? Yeah, except they don't.

For every dollar that is paid in to worker pension and health care, 100% is paid by the workers themselves not, I repeat NOT by you or me. Mr. Walker would like the world to believe that we are chipping in precious funds to float their cadillac pensions and insurance and it just isn't true.

The concessions the unions have made is not about contributing more, they have agreed to pay cuts, big cuts. And it's still not good enough.

Why isn't it reported? Laziness. Anyone can read the compensation agreements, but why bother when the lie is so much easier to repeat. Read an excellent summary here. Be warned, you won't be able to repeat the convenient lie anymore.