Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthcare Reform to Wisconsin: "What Do You Mean Funny, Funny How? How am I Funny?"

Someone's gotta pay the vig...

While the Wisconsin Attorney General shoots his mouth about offing Obamacare, the White House is signaling a little tough guy attitude itself. 

Washington is fronting the States not a small sum of money to enact legislation to put them in compliance with new regulations. States like Wisconsin who put the word on the street they are gonna start their own operation are gonna have to give the money back if they persist. Chumps!

So how much will it cost Wisconsin? Um, $37.8 Million. Which is a lot of cabbage boys and girls. First GOP member to defect from the hard-line? Wisconsin's newest pretty boy, Sean Duffy. In a district that elected David Obey for like a century, he could see his young career sleep with the fishes if he swings too far to the right.