Friday, February 11, 2011

912ers Fear Radical Homosexual Pirates: I Blame Johnny Depp

I really wasn't going to post this message, but then they all started commenting and Stephanie Miller talked about it on the here we are.

Our favorite local tea party group, the Patriot Voices/912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin could almost field an entire blog with just their emails and conversations alone and while we hate to go to the well too often...this is just a gem.

County alpaca farmer and fan favorite, Ed Geiser sent out a completely serious on the level letter to all members titled: "Radical Homosexual Pirates Invade Tampa" 
The letter is authored by Virginia District Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio. Delgaudio is also the President of "Public Advocate of the U.S." a conservative political group who protest and oppose taxes and homosexuality. Period. Really just those two things. Taxes. Gays.

Read the entire letter HERE. It's totally worth it with the best quote being: 
"Organizers started by purposely making the parade route zig-zag so no one could call it a straight parade."

Marauding, intoxicated pirates, pillaging an ocean side city! Wait. Isn't that actually what pirates do?

But what did our Patriots think?
~Public sex is never in good form and the sane gay community needs to wake up.
~An average person should never know I am straight, especially by my wife and I performing a sex act on that person's lawn.
~If property rights and self defense were upheld in our courts these stories may have very different endings.
~Before you shoot them Mike, you better have good excuse why you consider two people (regardless of the genders involved) who are very well occupied are a threat to your life.
~I do not condone public sex acts, but shooting them dead is not justice in my opinion. 
Not a single question as to its truthfulness, not the slightest hint of irony. Some days these things just write themselves.