Friday, February 11, 2011

I Can't Even Look...

State workers get prostate exam sponsored by Scott Walker.

Have you ever watched a horror movie with your hands over your eyes. You can hear the gore and imagine the scene, but you know it's worse than you thought.

Yeah it's like that.

With extra security on hand, Scott Walker announced that thousand's of Wisconsin state workers will be laid off if his budget is not passed by the legislature. He also added that National Guard stand ready to control the prisons if correctional officers strike or take job action.

This, just hours after stripping state unions of their ability to bargain for any and all benefits and work rules, while upholding a ban against state workers to strike. Not a half measure by anyone's estimation. The announcement has left lawmakers and union officials nearly speechless.

There are roughly 175,000 public sector workers in Wisconsin. Local law enforcement, fire workers and state troopers will be exempt from the bargaining ban. However, the Siren has heard from at least one police officer today who was angry on behalf of his co-workers taking the brunt of Walker's plan. He is not the only union worker regretting his vote in November and he won't be the last.