Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not a Shred of Decency

State Assembly Republican scheduled a vote on amendments to the budget repair bill at 5pm yesterday and barred the public from the Assembly chamber. At 4:55 they began voting, ignoring the amendments - with the Democrats not in the room.

Needing to call and vote 3 times (it's a rule of assembly procedure) and just as they prepared the 3rd vote the Democrats rushed in the chamber and demanded to be recognized. Having been caught in an illegal vote, Assembly Republicans just turned off the microphone of objecting Minority Leader, Peter Barca. Nice.

Barca persisted and was eventually heard, giving them a blistering lesson in Assembly decorum along with several other Assembly Democrats. Sensing they had been caught in a major breech of ethics, the Republicans folded like a house of cards and decided to reconvene on Tuesday.

Watch the fascinating video from Wisconsin Eye, click on Assembly Session Part 4 HERE