Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Olaf! "Bottom Feeders" are Consumers Too

When the Drugster described the protesters in Madison as "bottom feeding freeloaders" he forgot one important thing, they are also taxpaying consumers.

People are pissed and while they may be non-violently protesting the dismantling of worker rights, websites have emerged to get the word out about businesses and business owners who supported the Walker campaign.

This is America, people can and should contribute to candidates they support, but never forget that those donations are public and easy to locate. And because this is America, people also get to decide what businesses they wish to patronize for whatever reason they wish.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a terrific resource to not only find out how much money a candidate has raised but also who gave it to him. A quick search of their database revealed some interesting results for Racine residents who gave to the Walker campaign:  

Manufacturing & Businesses
Olesen, Lisa : O & H Bakery
Woodman, Yolanda, Woodmans
Mikulecky, Dan : Premier Lawns
Katt, Herb : Katt Construction
Sytsma, Richard : Bestway Flooring
Rossi, Denise : Rossi Construction
Cape, Amy : Cornerstone Pavers
Ruud, Alan : Ruud Lighting
Davies, Davis : DW Davies
Walker, Willard : Walker Forge
Panthofer, Dori : NVogue Clothing
Bode, Thomas : Bode Financial
Torhorst, Thomas : North Shore Animal Hospital

Jansson, Pete
Coates, Glenn R
Wyant, Mary F
Petak, Nancy
Lane, Ralph H

Ketterer, Brian : State Farm Insurance
Obernberger, Bonnie:  Creative Insurance Planning
Antonneau, Ray : David Security Insurance

Beighley, Herbert : Home Instead Senior Care
Buser. Ken : Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Lehner, Robert : Eye Clinic of Racine

Employers of Contributors of $5000 or more
AO Smith
Allen Edmonds
Johnsonville Foods
Koss Corp
Promotions Unlimited
Kwik Trip

To see more or to report more, go to the Facebook page for ScottWalkerWatch