Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ouch! Mayor's Race Gets a Little Ugly

Politics is a blood sport on the best of days. Racine's race for Mayor got a bit nastier today with the appearance of a website called "" which features only a title page called "The truth about John Dickert". The page is sponsored by "Citizens for a Responsible Government of Racine and it lists Pamela Cox of Racine as Treasurer. 

It didn't take but a second to determine the website domain is owned by Ken Brown of Racine. Mr. Brown has been quoted on behalf of this group before, however we did not know it had a is it a registered PAC? We'll have to get back to you on that. 

The webpage lists a number offenses of the Mayor which it describes as "Chicago Style Politics".  The Siren does not know if the other two candidates for office, Eric Marcus or Al Locke will endorse or rebuke the ad. It is worth mentioning that ugliness has a way of backfiring in campaigns,  a recent candidate for judge comes to mind. Even if Dickert's "Clean Campaign Pledge" appeared a bit awkward, it grounds him on the high road now. Let's see if he stays there. There is no doubt the Dickert campaign will have a few things to say in response...stay tuned.