Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out On A Limb

Yesterday was an interesting day for a number of reasons:

1. A USA Today poll came out which revealed that 61% of people polled support bargaining rights for public employees and would oppose a law similar to Wisconsin's in their state.

The longer Wisconsin Senate Democrats stay out of the state and the more people learn about the Budget Repair Bill, the more they don't like it.

2. Last night, the Imperial Walker took to the airwaves to have a "Fireside Chat" (which was their words and there was no fire) with the people of Wisconsin. After bullshitting through a number of constituent letters he supposedly had read personally, he delivered a statewide ransom note. If the Senate Democrats don't return to the state by the end of the week, he will start laying off workers. The JT bought it and called on them to come home. Pussies.

Everyone in Madison and everyone of those Senators already know that Walker's threat is a foregone conclusion. Walker is basically saying don't make it worse for yourself...but if Walker starts laying off state workers on Friday, not only will the state turn against him, but the entire country will. He's inching way out on a very thin limb while he takes a saw to it and says "don't make me do it!" 

3. State Assembly Democrats have been filibustering the bill for nearly 24 hours and show no sign of letting up. Offering a reported 200 amendments and with protesters chanting and shouting outside the doors of the chamber, epic douche nozzle, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, said."We understand. You don’t like the bill. We get it, (But) at the end of the day the vote has got to come, folks." Watch this amazing feat of tenacity on Wisconsin Eye