Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Much Hot Air For Such A Cold Day

Who knew there was so much hot air billowing from Downtown on such a cold day in Racine?

So, everybody ran home last night to blog about big doins' at City Hall. Boy they sure did blog!

Alderman, David Maack who has been downright fearless the last couple of weeks was bringing the pain to not only mayoral candidate, Eric Marcus but to local blogger/commenter and really rude muffin "Wally". Now, let's just get the freedom of speech clause out of the way okay? But the Siren just wants to say this for the record:

Most of our city officials like Aldermen and County Supervisors etc. work very hard for very little pay. They put themselves and quite often their families out there in service to the community and take endless shit from anonymous people (the Siren included) and know-it-alls who feel very comfortable calling them profane and insulting names. "Wally" is a heavy-weight champ and Maack took direct aim at his complaints and criticisms. Hey, a guy can only take so much.

So what was the result? Beth over at Racine Uncovered went all Maack is "taking cheap shots at residents" on him. Yes, you heard it: after endless words devoted to criticizing City Hall and everything it does, she thinks as an Alderman, Mr. Maack should be above speaking his mind. Hypocrisy thy name is Beth.

Not only that, her "article" was just the foreplay for the orgy of insults that followed in the comments. That's what we call klassy with a "k". The Siren understands that while comments are fun and informative, it is not necessary to "guild the lily" with agreement and asks her commenters to move along when they have made their point. Any man worth his salt (Mr. Brown and Mr. Navratil) will step a bit faster when a lady shows him some crop...a really good man likes it a little.

Never fear, David Maack's bitchslap was just a warm-up for Mr. Marcus. Without knowing for sure, the Siren feels safe in saying that these two are not destined to be best friends. He titled his essay "Double Standards?" and nailed down why he believes Marcus's vote against a low interest loan for a new business in Racine is anti-business. Marcus said he cannot be sure that they will hire exclusively Racine based workers so he is not in favor of a low interest loan for the start-up. On this, the Siren must agree with Mr. Maack. A business impacts the economy in so many different ways: tax revenue, utilizing empty building space, jobs and income to adjacent businesses and suppliers and on and on. Even if every single person they hire is from Oak Creek, Racine still benefits.

The Siren suspects this vote was to dampen the victory for his opponent, the Mayor. If so that is very unfortunate for the workers and businesses of Racine.

Sadly, the criticism of Mr. Marcus did not end there. In a surprising turn, Mr. Ken Brown took to his blog to post his dissatisfaction with Marcus's vote against a "Class A" liquor license for a downtown mart who can presently only sell beer. Mr. Brown called Marcus's committee vote "against business". Oy.

Oddly, Mr. Brown did support Marcus's vote on the loan and others who did not supported his vote on the liquor license. The Siren has a migraine just describing it all to you and is presently seeking a "Class A" cocktail.

With all that hot air, it really should be warmer don't you think?