Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO Sightings Outnumber Cases Of Voter Fraud In Wisconsin

"We would like a voter ID please."
One Wisconsin Now posted a hilarious statistical comparison yesterday on the hot topic of voter ID legislation.

In 2008 the State Justice Department found that out of nearly 3 million votes cast, they were pursuing  
14 cases of voter fraud. That same year, there were 40 reported cases of UFO sightings in Wisconsin.

Yes, it's true. There are three times the number of UFO's reported than fraudulent voters. Does no one have an ID in this state?!

Less comical is the real impact passing a voter ID law that is compatible with current HAVA laws. While politicians love to campaign on get-tough legislation, they always fail to mention the price tag associated with them. A similar program in Missouri is expected to cost the state's taxpayers somewhere in the vicinity of $20 million dollars. To avoid 'poll tax' lawsuits, many states opt to provide voter IDs free of cost. In a state like Wisconsin that could easily cost $2.4 million alone.

Add in costs for voter education programs, hiring DMV staff to accommodate the additional load, updating forms, equipment  and websites and a multitude of hidden costs voter ID proponents won't even discuss. One County in Maryland estimated that implementing voter ID would cost them additional $95,000.

Racine County doesn't have that kind of extra money.

In Wisconsin, that would mean a price tag of  $1.43 million for each case of voter fraud. Wow.