Monday, February 28, 2011

Walker May Not Be A Dictator...But He Is A Dick

What a dick!

So, it's been an interesting day in Madison. It started with an illegal closing of the Capitol. Wisconsin citizens were denied entry to the building unless they had official business inside. One State Representative was denied access because she refused to show her ID, on principal.

Law suits and restraining orders were quickly filed, then the other shoe dropped: Capitol windows were bolted closed, with the heads of the bolts filed off to make them more difficult to remove. Why? GOP officials did not want any food for remaining protesters to be brought in through open windows.

The Senate majority leader is floating a plan to withhold pay for missing Democratic Senator's staff members or perhaps firing them outright. Look for resulting lawsuits there.

People have been let in the building for public hearings and must now pass through metal-detectors which have not been used since 9-11, the ACLU has declared the situation to be "presumptively unconstitutional". No doubt, even more law suits to be filed on that soon.

If Scott Walker using the people's rights as so much toilet paper to wipe his kingly ass has you down, there is good news. Polls today show Walker losing support among Republicans and if the election were held today, Barrett would easily win (52-45).

Hmmmm, 11 months isn't really that long.