Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Village Idiot

The guy who was a union representative, father to a union teacher and has family members belonging to and supporting unions, will vote yes to strip state unions of their rights to collectively bargain. Saying he was satisfied the bill had been "substantially modified" he would support this stunning piece of legislation.

The Siren has a homework assignment for some industrious landlubbers:

Complaints have been flying that Wang's email and voicemail have been full for the last few days making it nearly impossible to register disagreement with the bill. But that also means his office has already received tons. I would be very interested in seeing the exact numbers of phone calls, emails, letters and faxes the Senator has recieved, wouldn't you? 

Every citizen has a right to request such information (and we know the Journal Times ain't gonna do it) and it's easy to do. The Siren has posted a link to the Student Press Law Center which has a handy form generator. When you get the numbers of people who contacted Wanggaard and asked him to vote against this bill - send it to me and I'll gladly print it.