Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The World of Duh! Part II

DUH! No. 1- If you have ever hired anyone and called around to former employers you probably found yourself in a interesting dance that's called a background check. Contrary to popular belief, former employers CAN say why you were fired from a job, but most do not. Why? Lawsuits, that's why.

You will get confirmation on dates of employment and usually very little else. If you want to get a better picture of that former employee's status you might ask, "Would your company hire this person again?" You may or may not get an answer, but if you do it will say a lot.

So, say you're the Mayor of a smallish city that employs quite a few people around town. It is not a wise idea to go on the radio and talk about a former employee and state the reason a person was terminated by the city...particularly if it is not true...even if you don't say that person's name. Duh!

DUH! No. 2-  Say you're a candidate for Mayor in a smallish city and you make the rounds of local organizations to gather support. It is not a wise idea to show up at a political party meeting and toot your own horn about working on a campaign that everyone in that particular room worked on - especially when no one can recall you being there. It's a worse idea to talk about the sizable campaign contribution you made to that candidate when the only campaign contributions that show up are for two candidates from the OTHER party. Duh!

Really fellas, the Siren is positive there are books you can read about this shit. Get it together!