Thursday, February 17, 2011

WTF? Wisconsin CBO Says State is Headed Toward A Budget Surplus

Scott Walker wants the people of Wisconsin (and now the rest of the country who is watching us) that the reason he has shoved his budget repair bill down the throats of workers is because we need $137 million to balance the state budget. It's the responsible thing to do.

People are eating it up and trashing the workers who teach their children, shovel their streets and wipe grandpa's ass in the nursing home without ever stopping to ponder if it's true.

And it's not true.

What commie bastard do you suppose has perpetrated this slander? Well, Robin Vos did. Talking Points Memo picked up on a buried lead from the Capitol Times which showed the Wisconsin equivalent of the CBO predicts the state is actually poised for a budget surplus. Even more, the $137 million shortfall was caused by Scott Walker's $140 million in new spending for special interest groups. And it is Vos who wrote the report that says so.

So workers in Wisconsin are being vilified and stripped of 30 years worth of workplace advances for a lie and they don't even expect you to double check the numbers to see if it's true.