Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bankrupt and Foreclosed Crazy Lady Craps on Money Union Workers Make

Jody Harding/ Credit: Racine Post

Remember Jody Harding? She ran for Mayor a couple years ago and was the lady who pioneered the idea that if you are on any government assistance you should not be allowed to vote.

Mrs. Harding positioned herself as an early Tea Party darling with her no nonsense fiscal conservative talking points. After losing in the primary election, she ran as a write-in and obviously did not win.

She's been pretty quiet since, which is a shame because she was Racine's own Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, providing endless hours of fuel for the liberal fire.

Well, miss her no more, she's baaaaaaaack with a LTE in today's JT. Titled "Union Scams" Mrs. Harding decries union greediness and cherry-picks a few cases among thousands to make her point that all unions are corrupt.

(BTW the Siren loves anecdotal stories used to paint entire issues or groups of people. For example: The Siren once had a neighbor who was an accountant, in his free time he used to stand at his full-windowed backdoor in the nude with the shade pulled down over his face while all the children went sledding. Obviously this proves that that all accountants are exhibitionist perverts. See how that works!?)

Anyhoo, that's not the interesting part. The Siren got a tip this morning that adds the extra crazy. It seems Mrs. Harding, who is handsomely employed at CNH decided to write her letter about how greedy teachers and prison guards are scamming taxpayers knowing full well her own house is being foreclosed and she and her husband filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Of course, not wanting to sully this blog with rumor, I checked it out. Her foreclosure case is HERE and you can confirm her bankruptcy by calling the hotline HERE.

Now Mrs. Harding can say and believe whatever she likes and she can even send it in to the local paper. But understand that she is a BIG. FAT. HYPOCRITE. The consumers who ultimately absorb the costs of the unpaid bills of a gainfully employed woman is the real scam.