Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fueling The Fire

Update: No surprise the Journal Times has chosen to remove the comments section related to this story on their website. We read many of the comments this morning and they were already out of control. Too bad there was not some of the parity described below to soften the inevitable flaming that would occur. Well then again, the comment trolls get really shitty even about the weather over there...never mind.
Yesterday afternoon an interesting tweet came the Siren's way, someone over at one of the Patchy websites was looking for information on a union boycott letter out in Union Grove. We remember it because it was the first we had heard about any non-Walker supporting actions and thought it must have been a hoax.

We was wrong.

A little later in the day the internets started lighting up with more stories and then the verification came that a letter indeed had been sent out to Union Grove businesses by AFSCME Council 24 Field Rep. Jim Parrett. Pretty much everything written in the JT and JS is true and it's clear that Parrett is not denying or perhaps even apologizing for his actions. The Siren doesn't know who gave Parrett the green light but the members of locals represented by Parrett know it wasn't them.

They started finding out like everyone else did and it was obvious they had not heard anything about sending business owners letters and if they had known they would have stopped it. Many are reaching out to their statewide leaders to find out how this happened in their name. There are rules in their constitution that call for votes on something like this and it clearly wasn't followed.

The press in their hurry to publish the story didn't bother to ask any of the rank and file if they condoned Jim Parrett's actions, and in fact most don't even know him. As the rhetoric heats up, they understand better than anyone how more matches and gasoline have been provided to fuel the fire of resentment towards unions workers. There is not much they can do about it now.

As one member put it - we are fighting Scott Walker not business owners.  

With the recent weird endorsement of Jim Ladwig by AFSCME Council 40 (even though their members have been working on behalf of Ken Hall) and now this really dumb and destructive move by an AFSCME Council 24 Field Rep. AFSCME members need to get their house in order quick.