Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Do You Launder That Dirty Money?


So a really rich guy gives you a donation for your political campaign. I mean a really rich guy. A guy people would love to have support them. Then skip forward a bit and this really rich guy gets arrested and admits to doing one of the worst things a person can be arrested for doing.

Oh! The public records and seconds it takes to find out that really rich guy gave your campaign money back in the day. Now his dirty, filthy money is contaminating you and your good reputation. Damn! You were greedy not a pervert! So unfair!

One wonders if Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Bill McReynolds are thinking about those fetid dollars they collected from Curt Johnson? Well they didn't know he was a child molester did they? Is it like a rule that you have to give it back? Well, they could donate it to a shelter for abused children or just hope you forget about it. Any guesses on what they'll do?

Oh and by the way - back in 1996 Johnson made a nice donation to David Prosser...he sure could pick 'em.