Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What the heck?! This morning the JT blew up the race for Mayor with three separate stories about mini-scandals surrounding Mr. Dickert and Mr. Marcus and the overall picture is not flattering.

First up was an article that Mr. Marcus may have gilded the lily in a story he has told about a businessman that tried to do business in Racine but was thwarted by oppressive restrictions. Rebuffed businessman stops and has lunch in Kenosha and is treated like the prodigal son when the waitress calls up Kenosha fathers to come directly to the diner and make a deal before pie is even served. Happy ending all man is successfully ensconced in Kenosha.

What a great story! Except no one in Kenosha can remember it happening...and if it was the one guy they can remember, he didn't locate in Kenosha at all. Awkward! Mr. Marcus has not returned requests for comment.

The second story is one in which the Mayor says he can't attend a forum with local African American pastors on Thursday because they didn't confirm the time and he already had committed to an REA townhall. Oops, not good. They said they did confirm, Dickert's campaign said not so much.

Here's the buried lead in this he said/she said story: the guy who organized and confirmed the event is one Mr. Craig Oliver, who has been paid $4000 by the Marcus campaign. That's a lot of cabbage and provides 4000 possible reasons to not be completely honest about the where and when. How many ways can you spell set-up?

Last up is a related story about how much money each campaign has raised. Dickert is swimming in cash by comparison to Marcus's funds. Dickert contacted outside of Racine for printing which is a little uncool, of course if he had his printing done here the same people criticizing him would say he was buying votes in town so you can never win this one.

The buried lead here is that Mr. Marcus seems to have loaned himself more money than he has raised, not a good sign. And his largest campaign expense has been to Mr. Oliver mentioned above...more than HALF of his money to pay him. Politicos may recall that when Bob Turner ran for mayor in 2009 he paid Oliver $9000 and then banished him.

What is it with guy? People keep paying him but it only takes a few minutes to discover that the city wards he gets paid to knock and drag still have terrible voter turnout.

The Siren wonders how much Mr. Marcus paid for the ad in the JT for the fundraiser at his historic home on College Avenue? The large photograph of his rather majestic Victorian mansion struck more than one reader as en mauvais goût.