Friday, March 25, 2011

Locally Speaking

~Did ya see the County Executive forum last night on the Journal Times? I am guessing not - since we were one of about 15 to 17 viewers watching during the one hour forum by Racine Taxpayers with candidates Jim Ladwig and Ken Hall.

It is safe to say these guys won't get picked up for a reality show on any network: they didn't get drunk, wrestle each other, make cocktail dresses out of lettuce or whip up an amuse bouche from the vending machines. In a word: dull. Oh well, they are after all running for County Executive of Racine not the Jersey Shore.

~This morning in the JT there was another installment of "better know a common council candidate." They give a few hundred words to each of the folks who are running for Alderman about town. They are asked what are their biggest concerns for Racine. Today's article featured the 13th District (which is Jim Spangenberg's stomping ground) and the two candidates: Jim Morgenroth, who from his photo was an extra in "Lord of the Rings" and Casey Rouse who wore his lucky t-shirt for his glamor shot.

Any hoo, I don't know what question young Mr. Rouse thought he was answering and keep in mind you can't officially get them wrong...but he gave the most bizarre rant about education, virtual schools and checking scores on smart phones. He would have done himself more good by refusing to answer.

Mr. Rouse, our affair was all too brief. See ya.