Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sensenbrenner Pees His Pants and Runs Home

Sen. Jim Sensenbrenner
Wisconsin Senator, Jim Sensenbrenner held a Town Hall in Wauwatosa along with State Senator, Leah Vukmir last night. Things did not go well for either of them when residents took exception to Jabba's support for a GOP budget that slashes infrastructure, education and medicaid while handing over billions in tax breaks for the wealthiest. Worse, Vukmir's lockstep allegiance to Scott Walker's budget didn't endear her to the crowd either.

It might have been a mistake for Jabba to tell the crowd to "shut-up" because they became far more impatient to the lies Vukmir was trying to lay down. In exasperation, he adjourned the meeting after less than 30 minutes.

Sensenbrenner released a lame statement later saying it was "unfortunate" the polite folks didn't get to ask a question. However he felt very different in 2009 at a town hall where he gladly answered a question on "how to take out" President Obama. Then he said he “appreciated the hundreds and hundreds of people” who came to speak their mind and chided Democrats for continuing to “ignore the voices of the majority of Americans whose outrage over a government takeover was expressed at town hall meetings across the country in August.”  Nope, no hypocrisy here at all.