Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supreme Court Bully

The recent division in Wisconsin over the end of collective bargaining rights is only the latest reason to not vote for David Prosser for Supreme Court Justice. Retaining him on the highest bench in the state insures a conservative majority that will certainly side with every GOP measure challenged in court.

That's reason enough to vote for Kloppenburg.

But there are many, many more reasons to make sure this guy gets sent out to pasture. In a word, he's a bastard.

Back in January the Cap Times did an article about Prosser's outbursts, tantrums and bully boy behavior. He has become famous for his churlish tirades that undermine the dignity we should expect our state's supreme court justices to display.

On the campaign trail he has blatantly pandered to GOP partisans with unsubtle messages of exactly who he will serve if reelected (hint: it isn't justice). This kind of pandering has become so bold it caused the normally fair and reserved, Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign to say:
“For a sitting judge to promise that he will work to further the ends of the other two branches of government shows an enormous disregard for the separation of powers and the role of the court as an independent, impartial body that ought to promise just one thing: to decide cases on the law and the facts brought forth in those cases.”
If you've never met Mike, that's his version of trash-talking.

Yesterday the Journal Sentinel published an article of interviews and emails in which Prosser exploded at fellow Chief Justice, Shirley Abrahamson calling her a "bitch" and threatening to "destroy" her. Classy.

Like every classic school yard bully, Prosser claims he was goaded into his outburst. It makes the Siren wondered if he whined in his defense "they started it first!" or "they made me do it!" Either way, the man has got to go.

Tell tell your friends, neighbors and strangers that at the very least, Kloppenburg has never called a colleague a "total bitch" working on the tax payer clock. Then send them to her website to learn even more.