Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea Party Logic

The Journal Times always runs a poll on their website homepage. Not because they are so very concerned with issues important to the community, but mostly because they create quantifiable "hits" that can be touted to advertisers....

Anyway, for a number of days they have been running one on whether you approve of the job Scott Walker is doing. The numbers have been off the chart in strong disapproval...getting as high as nearly 75% strongly disapproving. Naturally they have kept it up longer than they usually do any poll so that it will come down a bit the Siren imagines. But still, it's well into the 60's of percentage of people hating on Walker.

My little pets over at the Patriot Voices/912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin have gotten themselves into a tizzy of disbelief over the haters. Big harrumphing has ensued until just today they got down to the heart of the matter..."These people should not be allowed to vote" says our favorite Llama farmer, Ed Geiser. However a more reasoned approach came from Bill Carson:

"Yes....... we are screwed until there is a citizenship test required as a qualification to vote. 
In addition, it should be mandatory to pass a citizenship test as a qualification to hold elected office, with a strong emphasis on the Constitution, and an essay exam on Article 1, Section 8........ to be graded by Judge Napolitano.  Most of our legislators have never even read the Constitution, and certainly have not studied it's historical background, let alone mastered it's literal text.

Unless, and until that time, our downward spiral toward the ever more intrusive socialist/bureaucrat/nanny state will continue, interrupted or impeded only by the voices of a few, or by the collapse of it's now supplanted fiat monetary system."
Well, there you have it. If you have a different opinion from this ilk, it really is evidence of your stupidity and even though they say they believe in less government, they welcome the government to prohibit you from voting with say...a literacy test. So when the GOP says it is not suppressing voting rights when it institutes prohibitive voting measures remember this very telling comment from one of their own.

They don't want to to suppress the rights of people to vote....they don't want you to vote at all.