Friday, March 18, 2011

W&W Give Illinois Company Big Bucks To Keep Jobs In Illinois

Van Wanggaard
The Emperor tried out his new clothes down in Pleasant Prairie with little buddy Van Wanggaard to welcome Catalyst Exhibitions, formerly of Crystal Lake, to the Dairy State. The State gave Catalyst $1.7 million in loans and will sweeten the pot with relocation tax credits. Good for them!

Augustus chimed in that he wished the company was located closer to Racine. Yeah you bet he does. Catalyst is retaining nearly their entire Illinois staff who will commute to their new location. They do plan to hire a whopping 25 employees over the next four years...not they will come from Wisconsin either.

For those who claim that those employees will eventually move to Wisconsin, don't count on it considering Wisconsin's personal income tax rate is still significantly higher than Illinois even with their new hike.

Bottom line: Walker gave Catalyst our money and future tax revenue to keep Illinois workers employed.