Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walker Says He'll Negotiate...Later

Hey you Walker haters, listen up! If you've been saying Scott Walker is an intransigent ideologue who won't compromise or speak to colleagues except through press conferences where he calls them are wrong!

He's been negotiating all along...sort of. The Capitol inner sanctum released emails to Senator Jauch showing he's willing to compromise on quite a bit, with one very important catch:

The concessions would supposedly apply to future legislation.

Oh! Well then, come on back to Wisconsin Senators! There is nothing to fear at all, never mind that this comes from a guy who:

~Sent State Troopers to your house HERE
~Issued bogus arrest warrants for your ass HERE
~Told a fake billionaire how he was gonna trick you into coming back to the state HERE
~Took over your staff HERE
~Changed the key code to the copy machines HERE
~Turned off the wifi in the building HERE
~Shut down the legislative hot line HERE
~Tried to lock your pay checks in your desk HERE
~Bolted Capitol windows closed HERE
~Lied about damage to the 95% HERE
~Locked down the capitol building for the first time in the history of Wisconsin HERE
~Disabled the swipe cards for Democratic Legislators so they can't enter the building HERE
~Oversaw the assault of a elected represented by Troopers used by the Governor as palace guards HERE

That guy? He's certainly negotiating in good faith, why in the world would anyone be suspicious?

Look shiny keys!