Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Is JoAnne Kloppenburg Running Such A Crappy Campaign?

Where are the slick yard signs? Where are the snappy commercials? Websites all over the state have Prosser banners, I never see one for Kloppenburg. Why is this lady running such a broke down campaign?

Because she hasn't been bought by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Club for Growth and other big money corporate interests.

Kloppenburg has made a bold choice to take only public funding which doesn't amount to much compared to the millions and millions Prosser will raise. That also means that there are no buttons or bumper-stickers, and if you have them made and try to sell them on her behalf you could be coordinating with a campaign that has agreed to not do such things, which also means you could be looking at a $100k fine or time in the pokey.

It also means that it is up to each of us to let every friend, neighbor, co-worker and even strangers know that this woman is a candidate of the people and they need to get to polls on April 5th and vote for her. Go to her website, print off some rally signs. Put them in your windows of your home and your car, print off some fliers and canvass your own neighborhood.

Can a woman with no money and no corporate clout win an election like this? Well if there ever was a time in Wisconsin where she could, it is now. Spread the word!