Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wisconsin Senator, Glenn Grothman Calls Teachers, Firemen and Police Officers "Slobs" on National TV

State lawmakers don't usually get on national cable news unless something really interesting happens in your state or you're a pathologically anti-gay legislator who gets arrested for a DUI outside a gay nightclub you've just left. Glenn Grothman of West Bend has gotten his ticket to the big leagues through the "troubles" in Madison as of late.

The Siren has seen him a few times on MSNBC pathetically toting the party line and trying to appear confident and upbeat through the greasiest pair of coke bottle glasses ever. They must have a Walgreens in West Bend that sells those micro-fiber cloths for eye glasses, you're on national TV man!

Any hoo, last night Grothman appeared on "The Last Word" with impossibly handsome Lawrence O'Donnell and impishly delightful, bundle of candy and cookie dough, State Representative, Cory Mason. Naturally, Mason was all power to the people and such...a rap that is endearing him to people across the country as well as in Racine.

But Grothman! GROTHMAN!

In response to allegations that the Governor and GOP legislators are defying the TRO to open the capitol to the citizens who own it, he actually said the protesters were a bunch of "slobs". Yes, the teachers, firemen, EMT's, police officers, are all slobs to Senator Grothman and he said it on national television.

Watch it here:

If you were one of those several hundred thousand "slobs" who marched in Madison, contact Senator Grothman at (608) 266-7513 or (800) 662-1227, and thank him for pointing out this shameful character flaw to the nation.