Monday, March 28, 2011

Worse Than McCarthy

In sprite of a proud progressive tradition, Wisconsin will always carry the stain of inflicting Joe McCarthy on the world. His crusade to expose secret communist activities that intimidated and blacklisted hundreds of Americans is our shame to bare.

In his day, even McCarthy left the professors at UW Madison alone. Not this regime.

Our own doofus Senator is using his time in Madison to find sponsors for a bill to keep citizens from peacefully picketing outside private residences...guess who's residence got picketed?

In addition to the TSA like pat downs and metal detectors foisted on Capitol visitors, the DOA has instituted a free  speech zone within the Capitol itself. Should you choose to step outside of this designated area and quietly hold a sign, you will be ticketed by police...even if you are a child. How do we know? Because that's exactly what happened over the weekend.

It's not against the law, it's an infraction of DOA policy and don't even start on your constitutional rights...none of that matters any more.

One can debate the individual circumstances but taken all together it is an intentional chilling of individual rights that looks a lot like fear and intimidation. The thin skin of ghostly tyrants has come back to haunt us in Wisconsin. We must not let it stand.