Friday, April 1, 2011

As Close To An Endorsement As It Gets

If you read the Journal Times editor's perspective this morning you may not have realized it but they pretty much endorsed John Dickert over his opponent, Eric Marcus.

Well, it may be more accurate to say they "dis-endorsed" Marcus.

One of the central themes to Marcus' campaign has been to eliminate the position of City Administrator. In spite of the fact that the present City Administrator, Tom Friedel, has a 5 year contract which says he gets paid no matter what and a range of attorneys have weighed in on the legality of the contract, Mr. Marcus has maintained he knows better.

Meet Mayor Talk-To-The-Hand.

Today the editors at the JT came out in favor of keeping the position and why. The Siren would also like to add that Friedel is a snappy dresser, always smells really nice and is basically a dreamboat. What further proof is needed?

So they shot a great big hole through his story about the guy who started a business in Kenosha after he got rolled in Racine by City Hall cronies.  What else is left? Oh I know, Marcus will do the job for less. Let's hire the low-bid guy.

The JT hasn't given endorsements for candidates for a few years, this is as close to one you will see.