Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Friend Indeed

Photo: Journal Times
So Jim Spodick was the unnamed businessman from mayoral candidate Eric Marcus' tall tale about the man who tried to open a business in Racine, but was treated so handsomely in Kenosha...he opened his business there instead. Bad, bad Dickert.

The JT checked the story and couldn't find the proof and said so in a stinging article.

Yesterday, famously failed Racine businessman, Spodick came forward to say Marcus was referring to him in his disputed tale. And like Cinderella, the glass slipper does fit!

Except, Dickert wasn't mayor - because it happened nine years ago and Spodick opened his business in Racine. Other than that it is exactly the same.

While not an expert on campaign contributions, I wonder if in addition to the $250 Spodick has already given the Marcus campaign if this sudden confession counts as an in-kind contribution?

And if which candidate?!