Monday, May 16, 2011

The College Drop-Out Plays Chicken...And Loses...Again

Party on Wayne!
Back in January, Scott Walker told Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation and the Obama Administration they could take their $810 million in federal grant money for high speed rail and shove it.

You show he had balls.

While Walker was giving them the finger with one hand, he kept the other out to beg to keep it for other stuff. Ray LaHood said um...No.

Having not fully realized the grant money also included over millions to upgrade the Hiawatha Line from Milwaukee to Chicago - a train Walker doesn't totally hate (mostly because Milwaukee business owners consider it to be essential). Walker had to reapply for federal money for Hiawatha and guess what Ray LaHood had to say?

If you said "kiss it Scott", you win.

So now they need more than $200 million for upgrades etc. and are faced with basically borrowing it. But even with that, they're about $70 million short.

Maybe Walker can call up his pal David Koch.