Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interesting Resume Omission

Happier Days at San Juan Diego
On Friday, Laura Sumner Coon penned a commentary in the JT about school vouchers...she likes to call "choice" as if there were none presently.

She struts out her hippy-dippy past life and name drops Martin Luther King as a sign she is not some right-wing Betsy DeVos wanna-be.

What is most compelling is what she leaves out. In her bio at the end, it does not say she was the Executive Director of San Juan Diego Middle School in Racine for 7 years. A valiant, but ultimately failed academy targeting Hispanic youth. She makes a passing reference to it:
"Some of us tried a different solution, creating a school open to all in economic need...but the crushing pressure of raising about $800,000 a year from private contributors to support San Juan Diego Middle School became too difficult."
The impression she gives is that she was part of some peace corp effort doomed because of the impenetrable forces of the public education monopoly. She was the Executive Director. If you ask anyone associated with the school about her, you are likely to trigger a stream of obscenities that would make a sailor blush...and this was a Catholic school endeavor.

So Sumner Coons wants public money for her new project "SOAR" which raises money for scholarships to send kids to private school. Schools that don't have to meet the standards of public schools either by testing or by teacher certification. Schools that have the option of turning away special needs and failing students so Unified can ultimately absorb the fallout. Taxpayer funded religious schools.

One would think her tenure at San Juan Diego would be the crown jewel in her resume as an authority on vouchers. Think again.