Saturday, May 28, 2011

Madison Capitol Building Now A Fire Trap

Since the reign of Fitzwalkerstan began lo these weeks past, the Emperor and his henchmen closed and locked entrances to the Capitol building to keep the hippies at bay.

Even after they went home to organize the recalls that will see this plague end, the Capitol remains very hard to access...and exit with the exception of two doors with requisite metal detectors. (Ironically to locate the handguns that are legal to carry in building?!?)

The Dane County Fire Department routinely checks the building for fire code violations and such...and guess what they found? Fire code violations surrounding the issue of locked exits and improper signage to direct visitors to open exits.

Since the Dade County Fire Department has no direct authority over the Capitol building, their findings will linger in the court battle over opening the building and the DOA is just fine with that. They see no reason to address it unless a judge tells them to. Figures.

In the meantime, busloads of school children visiting the capitol everyday are essentially trapped in the building should some emergency occur.