Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oy Gevald! Such A Parade of Schmucks!

Imagine you're a guy who aspires to be a businessman and the road along the way has been a little bumpy: you filed for bankruptcy, got your house foreclosed and sold in a sheriff"s sale, got a divorce and a restraining order, got hauled into court for child support and not paying back a $30k business loan, got cited for disorderly conduct and found guilty and for building code violations.

At 34, adult life has been a bit of a challenge.

If you are that guy and your name is David Vanderleest, the next logical step is to run for public office. Natch!

Meet the guy who is challenging Senator Dave Hansen (D) in the Green Bay recall election. Now he's not just some random schmuck, he's the second vice chairman of the Brown County Republican Party. He's their guy.

In spite of Mr. VanderLeest's inability to manage his personal and business finances, his marriage and his own behavior within the guidelines of the law, the Brown County GOP believes he is qualified to manage a  multi-billion dollar state budget.

Mr. Vanderleest said in response to these minor details: "I represent the average person who's struggling,"
In other words...I'm a complete fuck-up just like you. Vote for me!