Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OMG Tommy Thompson! Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha!

Oh the Lolz! Ryan says he's out and Tutu Thompson wants in. Beeutiful. Why? No one likes Thompson and it seems very clear he doesn't realize it.

Let's review. Thompson is a moderate Republican who:
  • Favors the individual health mandate.
  • Says the GOP should not repeal the health care act.
  • Actually likes (on the record) many parts of the health care act.
  • Opposes Eddie Munster's Medicare voucher plan.
  • Actually developed Badgercare into what it has been...until Scooter.
Uppity Wisconsin did a detailed summary of Tutu's illustrious career in 2006 and it's worth a re-read.

Wanna know what the teabillies thought about Tutu's appearance at a Tax Day rally in 2010? From the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty:
"As things now stand, thousands of people will arrive for the Tax Day Rally tomorrow only to find politics as usual in the form of a progressive Republican on the stage...We can either voice our displeasure and/or demonstrate it with a show of signs, or walk away when Tommy comes on the stage, taking as many people with us as we can."
Um, brrrrrrr! Conservatives don't like him. Teabillies hate him and Democrats are gonna get their own candidate and wipe the floor with him.

Why can't some politicians just call it a day and retire?