Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fake Dem Candidates Sponsored by The GOP Will Cost Taxpayers

County Clerks Election budgets have already been blown by the Supreme Court recount - which for the record the Siren assigns blame not to Joanne Kloppenburg for legally requesting the recount but to GOP imbecile crony Kathy Nickolaus who did such a piss poor job it put the entire Wisconsin election process in doubt- with some counties holding recall elections they are scrambling for cash.

Since the revelation on Sunday the Wisconsin State GOP is fielding fake candidates to run as Democrats in primaries strictly to buy their Republican Senators a few more weeks...criticisms are flying about how much this will cost cash strapped election budgets...about $10k a pop.

Any qualified person who meets the requirement to run has the right to run. The people expect that candidates should be sincere in their effort knowing they are the ultimate judge with their vote. Voters don't like fakes and they don't like fakes who waste their money. GOP candidates party to these cynical maneuvers will pay the price...as they should.